Ultraquip LLC was formed in 2007 based in Midland, TX, and is manned by long-term, experienced industry members. The express intent was to satisfy the ever-growing demand for energy equipment in many distinct fields, most importantly that of the oil and gas industry, by offering premium equipment combined with superior support to all customers in the local area. The company eventually was incorporated in 2009 and a separate division called LT Parts Plus, added in 2010, as it was felt that the advanced development of the light tower market warranted some specialist treatment.

Ultraquip’s sales and the reputation grew over the years and eventually it was necessary to install and open branch operations in Odessa, TX, and later in 2011, Oklahoma City, OK, in order to expand market penetration and increasing customer service levels. It is worth noting that plans are in hand for future expansion both in additional product lines as well as further branches. These product lines will include gas compression systems and dry-fueled mobile generators.

San Antonio Office

5345 E. Houston Street,

San Antonio, TX 78220

Phone. 210-951-8088

Fax. 210-951-8089

Email. c.symonds@ultraquip.com

Odessa Office

2500 E. I-20,

Odessa, TX 79766

Phone. 432-332-2200

Fax. 432-332-2245

Email. omar.cabello@ultraquip.net

Oklahoma City Office

5124 N.W. 3rd Street,

Oklahoma, OK 73127

Phone. 405-942-9901

Fax. 866-721-9902

Email. steve.clyburn@ultraquip.net